We offer two approaches to end-to-end deployment of, depending on your desires and budget. These approaches aren't one-size-fits-all "quickstarts" that force you into a templated implementation. Instead they allow you to get exactly what you need to be successful within your budget.

Managed Implementation
In our managed implementation approach, we guide you through all aspects of your salesforce deployment- from design through post-implementation support- to ensure that your salesforce implementation is a success. Throughout the process, we seek your input and feedback but we do all the heavy lifting in terms of salesforce configuration, customization, data migration, integration and training. The end result is that you get a salesforce deployment that meets your needs, in a fraction of the time it might take to do it yourself. The benefits of a managed implementation are that:
  • it provides a turnkey system
  • you don't have to dedicate in-house resources to deployment
  • you get access to a team of specialists in design, configuration, data migration, training and development

Managed In-sourcing
Some organizations prefer a more hands-on approach to salesforce implementation. In a managed in-sourcing approach, we design a system for you that meets you organizational, functional and technical needs, then we give you a roadmap to help guide you through salesforce configuration and customization. Throughout the process, we are there to give you feedback, answer your questions and even do some of the lifting if need-be. Managed in-sourcing enables you to:
  • get a broader deployment on a limited budget
  • build internal configuration expertise throughout the process
  • we provide advice and guidance throughout the process to help make critical decisions that impact the project

Cloud Application Development

If your needs go beyond CRM and , we can help you to design and develop a custom application to solve virtually any business challenge. We've built applications for all kinds of use cases, including:
  • Commissions Tracking
  • Loan Processing
  • Demo Tracking
  • Call Campaign Management

Systems Integration

If your customer information resides in multiple systems (e.g. Accounting/ERP, License Management, Help Desk), you may be unable to spot important trends, identify up-sell opportunities or prevent issues before they escalate. We can help you to bridge the gap between systems using commercially available integration platforms or our own Integration Engine.

We have experience with the following integration platforms:
Avankia DBSync

Data Services

Data Transformation & Data Migration
Data transformation is the process of taking data as-is and turning it into something more meaningful to its intended audience. Sometimes it's as simple as converting the States in your address data into 2-digit codes. Other times it can be much more complex- like converting manually tracked survey results into meaningful data that can be loaded into Regardless of whether your data resides in Excel, SQL, Access, Foxpro or anywhere else (except cocktail napkins- we can't help there), we can transform it prior to loading it into

Our proprietary data transformation and data migration tools enable us to build virtually any data transformation scenario, test it and migrate your data far more efficiently than is possible using Excel and the Apex Data Loader.

Data Cleansing & De-duplication
No matter how clean your data starts out, there will likely come a day that mailing lists are no longer reliable, searching for records reveals duplicates or your reports demonstrate a lack of data integrity. We can help you to identify what data issues you are facing and come up with a plan. Then, using off-the-shelf and proprietary tools, we can help clean and de-dup your data. Often times, once data issues have been identified, we can help you clean the data internally, using CRMFusion's DemandTools- aset of best of breed data manipulation and data maintenance tools.


Training your users is an on-going process. As your business changes, we can provide you with custom training solutions that help keep your users up to date on the most efficient ways to use

User Training
Whether your users just need a brush-up to make them more efficient or a custom curriculum to help drive adoption of the application as a whole, our custom training solutions can help. Our trainers have trained 1000s of sales, marketing, customer service and operations teams in how to leverage to meet their needs.

Administrative Training
Administrative training is most effective if it is tailored to your deployment. For that reason, all of our admin training is customized to your environment and provides hands-on examples of how key administrative capabilities apply to your business. By taking this approach, we can train your administrators in less than half the time of a generic public training course and they take away working knowledge of what's most important to your organization.


Release Planning
Over the last 10 years, has innovated more than any other CRM platform in history. In fact, unlike traditional software companies that offer new releases (not just bug fixes) every 12-24 months, provides three full-featured releases a year and automatically upgrades your organization so you're never on an old version. However, it's up to you to make the most of each new release. That's why we've developed New Release- our release planning program for organizations on the Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition or Unlimited Edition. Rainmaker Release Planning is designed to ensure that you:
  • Are aware of the features that could have the greatest impact on your organization, before the release is out
  • Understand why they matter to your organization
  • Know that you need to do to take plan and take advantage of new functionality Health Check
After months or years of using you may think you need a health check to determine where your organization can improve. Our health check is more like a total body MRI for your system. We perform 10 distinct analyses to determine the ways in which you could be getting more from your use of

Design Validation
Salesforce success or failure starts with planning. If your intent is to deploy internally, using your own resources, you might benefit from a design validation to make sure you're headed in the right direction. Over 98% of our design validations result in material improvements to the way the application gets rolled out. This ensures that if there are big "gotchas" we identify them up-front so you don't have to pay for them down the line.

End-to-End Support
We offer end-to-end support for that includes access to any of our salesforce services for a single rate. That means that as your needs change and your business evolves, you can call on us to do anything from the mundane (i.e. creating fields or reports) to application development, data migration or other high-value services.